New Vehicle Protection Package

Did you just buy a new vehicle or plan to? If so, you do not need to purchase the recommended Dealer Protection Package or “Dealer Prep” which can be very costly in the bottom line price of your new car. Stop and call us first and will we give you a very affordable and honest price about what you will receive with our New Car Protection Package.

This service is designed for brand new vehicles and prices vary based on size of vehicle.  Items included in this package are:

Exterior Paint Sealant ~ You are probably wondering why you would need paint sealant on a brand new car? Because the paint (clear coat) is “naked,” there’s nothing on it to keep the sun’s UV rays from starting their inevitable fading process and industrial fallout sticking to your vehicles clear coat. We apply a paint sealant to the exterior paint, which keeps environmental contaminants from attaching to your finish.

Fabric-Carpet Stain Guard ~ All of the fabric and carpet in the interior of your car is treated with a stain guard, much like what is applied to new carpet in a home.  Our Fabric Guard is resistant to most dirt and stains which makes any soil virtually effortless to clean up.

When purchasing a new vehicle, it is a large investment, so let Kar Klean’s Experts perform the Dealer Prep ~ you will add to the life and value of your new car and save money at the same time!

Price for this service starts at $200